CoValence® began from two ideas. One, that a personal fascination with skin care products and ingredients could possibly be translated into a business. Second, that while natural botanicals and biological ingredients were standard components in skin care back in the late ’80s, there was next to no data on what made some ingredients work much better than others to achieve therapeutic results. Few people were asking the questions as data was much harder to source,  (this was before the internet!) so the idea quickly evolved that maybe there was more that could be done to research natural ingredients from a scientific performance perspective… not simply because they smelled nice or sounded pretty.

Thus began our company purpose, to identify potent natural and avant-garde ingredients and to make seriously efficacious products. For instance: anti-aging botanicals (pumpkin) with its 100+ key molecular constituents such as Vitamin C and beta carotene; natural lighteners from fungi (Kojic Acid); antibacterial benefits from cranberry for problem skin and many more over the years. These do not sound ground-breaking today, but they were in the late 80′s and that’s why we are proud that CoValence® was at the origins and a leader in Cosmeceutical development and manufacturing.

CoValence® consistently continues to fill the global gap of future-edge, fresh ideas within the professional and retail skin care markets.

Today, CoValence® has creatively developed hundreds of distinctive formulas, many of which are distributed by some of the most prominent and trusted brands in the industry. We are extremely proud of our accomplishments over the years, and it’s our pleasure to contribute to the success and integrity of skin care businesses around the world.

Success stems from passion, not compromise. Our passion is truly scientific and therapeutic treatment products and ingredients, not cheap watered-down ‘pseudo’ skin care. Our passion has been the inspiration behind becoming a renowned company for quality, technology, efficacy, creativity, support, friendliness, and education… all of which can, unfortunately, be rare and difficult-to-find qualities among other formulation and manufacturing companies. Also unlike others, CoValence® is strictly confidential…we refuse to ‘name drop’, and we specialize in small batches and low minimums for start-up companies in addition to rapid scale-up for larger mass market retail brands. We have the utmost respect and appreciation for all of our clients, regardless of size or experience.

Everything that CoValence® is and does stems from what we and the entire staff would want from a company if we were in our clients’ shoes. As a result, you will find CoValence® to be not only exceptionally personable, helpful and hands-on, but also the best source for advanced, elegant and effective professional and retail products.

We look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business!

Linda Walker, CEO / President

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