Our clients tell us that one of CoValence's points of difference, from other Personal and Skin Care Contract and Private Label Manufacturers, is our personalized and attentive Customer Service. 
Exceptional Customer Service doesn't just start and stop with our Account Executives on the front lines...The on-going positive culture at CoValence involves all staff members, no matter which department they work, to effectively listen, communicate, encourage, educate and strategize with the goal of facilitating progress and success for our clients. 

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We have a large facility with many doors, but only 'Door #3' is available for public entrance if you are visiting us; Please add ‘Suite 3’ to the address listed below if you are mailing anything to us via USPS.
CoValence® Laboratories
460 South Benson Lane
Chandler, Arizona 85224 USA
Phone: +1 480 897 0551
Fax: +1 480 897 0547


Registrations and Certifications:

CoValence is an FDA registered, cGMP compliant and ISO 22716 certified Personal and Skin Care Contract Manufacturer offering Private Label and Custom Formulations.