Going Global?

CoValence has always felt an innate responsibility to help our clients succeed not only in their backyard, but also internationally. Thanks to the internet and the speed of travel, our backyard has now extended to all corners of the earth, which makes selling in international markets highly advantageous to all industries.

International regulations seem to be never ending and always changing. For example, a country may accept an ingredient one day but decline it the next. Therefore, CoValence has created a Regulatory Department specifically trained to handle all international requests and questions, as well as to help manage the constant changes. This specialized department along with your Account Executive will help streamline the ‘Going Global’ process.

The following information is typically needed when distributing into other countries. Some of the information will be provided by CoValence, where as other information will need to be provided by the client.

Client Responsibility (all countries):

•  Sign a International Documentation Agreement
•  Contact the Customs Department per country
•  Contact the Ministry of Health per country
•  Research insurance requirements per country
•  Collect proper labeling requirements per country
•  Hire a Freight Forwarder if shipment is not going directly to the country
•  Supply a Visa or Master Card to pay for Shipping (orders are shipped via UPS, unless client arranges shipping)

CoValence Responsibility (all countries):

•  Export Composition Document (fees do not apply)
•  Certificate of Free Sale (fees apply)
•  Hire an EU Safety Assessor to prepare the EU Dossier (fees apply; EU specific)