Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose CoValence® and not another lab?

Do you carry the most up-to-date ingredients?

Do you have standard private label formulas I can purchase?

What are your prices?

What are your minimums?

What are your lead-times?

Do you have packaging available?

Do you formulate with natural, sustainable, organic and/or ‘green’ ingredients?

I have distributors in other countries. Do you have staff that can help me manage the exporting red tape?

Do I need any special documents or licenses to work with you?

What are the brands of your mixing, filling and boxing equipment?

I prefer not to have animal products in my skincare; what ingredients would you recommend and what would be the order of these as far as cost effectiveness and shelf life?

Can I use CoValence® marketing information and use CoValence® White Papers to sell product?

Do I own my own formulas? How do I own my formulas?

Why does my ingredient list say this…when it used to say this?

What does it mean when a formula is labeled “Chiral”?

I’m interested in having my product filled in foil packets… how do I get started?

Why don’t you offer price breaks on bar soaps and offer a larger selection of packaging?