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CoValence Honored at WELCOAZ 39th Annual Meeting.



On December 4th, CoValence was honored by being presented the WELCOAZ ‘Process and Leadership in Worksite Health Promotion’ Award. CoValence created the CoWellness Team in order to have a sounding board for our staff in regards to health and wellness issues. The CoWellness Team have listened to our employees and created health and wellness programs, including a free health coach, to help motivate and encourage employees with their health goals.

We are extremely proud of all the employees at CoValence for promoting a healthy lifestyle through eating healthy and exercising.


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Changes are coming to CoValence!


NEW WEB_edited-1

For the new year, CoValence will be launching a new website to better serve our clients and keep everyone even more up to date with the latest in skin care technologies and ingredients. We hope you check in often.

CoValence will be closed the following days for the holidays:

Wednesday, December 24th

Thursday, December 25th

Friday, December 26th

Wednesday, December 31st

Thursday, January 1st

Friday, January 2nd

Have a safe holiday season!


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Six Reasons why CoValence is the Manufacturing Leader in Global Skin Care.




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Celebrating 20 years at CoValence!



Our CMO Melinda Wochner celebrated 20 years with CoValence. The successful growth of our company is the direct result of her dedication and commitment. It’s easy to love your job when you work with amazing people.

Congratulations Mel!


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One of the best explanations about topical delivery of skin care ingredients.


In the October 2014 issue of C&T magazine, Shyam Gupta, PhD from Bioderm Research wrote a comprehensive article on Topical Delivery of Skin Care Ingredients. Please click on the link to read the full article.

“Marketers become excited when presented with ingredients promising benefit claims to surpass that of their competition. However, the same ingredients are sometimes employed by competitors and consumers seek formulations that deliver desirable and perceivably differentiated benefits. The formulator is thus presented with the challenge of achieving better results when their star ingredient is also used by the competition. Opportunities lie in the delivery of those ingredients. 

A typical skin care formula may contain from a few to a few dozen ingredients, and some of these ingredients react during manufacturing to form new ones. When the final product is applied, a race ensues among all ingredients to penetrate the skin; the greater the number, the more competitive the race. The star ingredients of the formula also face the same dilemma—competing against all others for skin penetration. So in a nutshell, just because a performance ingredient is in a formula does not guarantee it will penetrate the skin in any quantifiable amount to deliver the claimed benefits. The present article reviews routes to deliver these ingredients to their targets in skin, to improve their chances of penetration for designed activities and final end benefits.” 


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CoValence launches its newest “99 Series” skincare invention: Stem99™



Following the resounding success of Peptide99™, CoValence® chemists have created the newest natural anti-age discovery, Stem99™Stem99™ was designed to exclusively harness the bountiful power of Next Generation Naturals (NGN) technology and is, at its core, an organic anti-age beauty bomb that is comprised of an astonishing 99% (yes, 99%) Meristems.

Key Benefits:

  •  Wrinkle reduction via pro-collagen boosting and MMPi inhibition.
  •  DNA protection via anti-oxidation, cellular detoxification and UVA/B protection
  •  Anti-inflammatory
  •  Deep firming and moisturizing

Cell and Gene Benefits:

  •  Cell-2-Cell communication optimization via SiRT-1 stimulation
  •  Collagen gene regulation via ADAMTS2 expression
  •  Cell regeneration and longevity via stem cell revitalization and protection
  •  Anti-senescence and MicroRNA regulation

Is the concept of Next Generation Naturals (NGN) technology a little unclear to you? If so, we know full well it can be confusing, considering it took us a  few months to grasp the technology. Simply…

  • NGN = Meristems
  • Meristems = Plant Stem Cells

NGN, Meristems and Plant Stem Cells are all one in the same; they are merely different spins of the Marketing wheel, depending on what resonates with you and your clients. However, no matter which Marketing moniker you prefer, please do not lose sight that Meristem technology has been proven clinically to offer a future-forward (visualize, ‘Spock meets Mother Nature’) leap into the antiaging arena that will set you apart from your competitors.

You may be thinking to yourself… This all looks well and good, but will the consumer actually see the benefits listed above? Well, thanks to our in-house VISIA-CR Imaging System, we were able to clinically test how Stem99™ worked on the skin within a short four (4) weeks… Here is just one testimony from the clinical trial:

Stem99 Serum is one of the best serums that I’ve tried.  It works wonders on my dry, combination, and aging skin. This serum hydrates, firms, gave my dull skin more of a radiant youthful glow that I had when I am in my early 30’s, my current age is now 49.   M.C.

Contact a CoValence® Account Executive to receive the complete Stem99™ White Paper which includes clinical testing data as well as more personal testimonies.

+1 480.897.0551 / customerservice@covalence.com


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The Papango Enzyme Mask is the perfect, tropical “Hang-10”… exfoliating 10 years, or so, off your skin!



The Papango Enzyme Mask is made from an exquisite blend of tropical fruit extracts, such as Pineapple, Mango, and Papaya, so it appears as a yellow-orange puree with gold beads interspersed. The gold beads are actually Salicylic Acid, which is excellent for problematic skin, as well as it smooths and fights the signs of age surfing over our skin. The Papango is gentle on skin thanks to the infusion of algae extracts, while still proving to be effective as a clarifying and purifying instrument thanks to the ‘Exfoliating Avengers’.

Since the purpose of The Papango is to unclog pores, lessen wrinkles, and smooth skin, the CoValence chemists created the formula with multiple exfoliants… or as Marketing refers to this combination of exfoliants, the ‘Exfoliant Avengers’! Why the ‘Exfoliant Avengers’? Well, because this combination of ingredients simply kicks-booty! The first avenger is Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme isolated from the stem of Pineapples, which hydrolyses proteins into Peptides and Amino Acids. The second exfoliant is Papain, an enzyme derived from Papayas that digests keratin proteins to help accelerate exfoliation. Papain is also an antioxidant, anti‐inflammatory, and rich in Vitamins C, E and Beta‐carotene. Salicylic Acid is the third and fourth exfoliant… Salicylic Acid is a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) and exfoliates deeply which prevents pore-clogging and also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, while stimulating new cell growth and reducing inflammation of the skin. Let’s not forget that UGL and Protease create a softer environment for skin while also being vital parts of the ‘Exfoliating Avengers’. Last, but not least, Carica Papaya Fruit, is an antioxidant high in Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, Flavonoids, as well as a prime source of the enzyme Papain, which aids in exfoliation.

Once your skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated, it will be begging for some hydration…Therefore, The Papango is proudly fortified with Mangifera Indica Seed Butter, or Mango Seed Butter, which is extracted from fruit kernels of the Mango Tree. Its high content of fatty acids assists in ideal and lasting moisturization and hydration of the skin.


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Here are some myths about sunscreen that can finally be put to rest. 


Here is a video by @thomasleveritt that shows the importance of sunscreen and what they looked like under ultraviolet light.


Here is CoValence’s DNA Prime Natural SPF 45 white paper… As you can see below from the before and after pictures, under ultra-violet lights, the skin becomes darker (visible only under ultra-violet lights) as soon as the DNA Prime (Natural SPF 45) is applied to skin, which shows how DNA Prime truly helps to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and demonstrates how vital it is to where DNA Prime every day. An added skincare bonus…after applying DNA Prime a more flawless complexion is created due to DNA Prime’s ability to cover up a wide array of skin imperfections.

DNA Prime (Natural SPF 45); Pictures taken under ultra-violet lighting with the VISIA CR® Imaging System:


Here are some common myths about sunscreen.

Myth: Darker skin doesn’t burn, so I don’t need sunscreen. 

Fact: All complexions can burn. A dark-skinned African-American doesn’t need as high of an SPF as someone who is light skinned because she has more melanin in her skin for natural protection. However, that extra melanin does not guard against the UV damage that accelerates aging or causes cancer.   

Myth: It’s cloudy; I don’t need to worry about sunscreen.

Fact: Up to 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can pass through the clouds. In addition, sand reflects 25% of the sun’s rays and snow reflects 80% of the sun’s rays. 

Myth: I have SPF in my makeup, which should be enough.

Fact: Some women may rely on sunscreen in their makeup. But you may need more than that. If you use foundation, a few spots of sunscreen on your face isn’t going to be enough out in the sun. You should wear at least an SPF of 30. Use a facial moisturizer that already has sunscreen in it. It’s fine to have sunscreen in your make-up, but it should be considered an extra layer, not your only protection. 

Myth: I can’t wear sunscreen because I have sensitive skin.

Fact: You can try ones marked ‘sensitive skin,’ which often are the ones that have a physical blocker which use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. People with sensitive skin tend to do better with the physical blockers verses chemical.

Myth: My old bottles of sunscreen last forever.

Fact: Sunscreen loses some of its effectiveness after one year, and is mostly ineffective after three years. Have leftover tubes of sunscreen from last summer? Unless they have an expiration date, get rid of them. 

Myth: Applying sunscreen once per day is enough.

Fact: Sunscreen should be applied every two hours if you’re swimming or sweating a lot. Even so-called “water-resistant” sunscreens may lose their effectiveness after 40 minutes in the water. 

Myth: A little dab of sunscreen works just as well as a lot.

Fact: The recommended amount to apply is two ounces, or a shot glass full in each hand. Make sure to apply it to dry skin 15 to 30 minutes before going outdoors to allow it time to be absorbed into the skin. 

Myth: Higher number SPF sunscreens better than SPF 30 sunscreens.

Fact: Ultra-high SPF claims are mostly marketing gimmicks; they don’t provide a significant amount of additional protection. SPF 30 sunscreen blocks 97% of UVB rays, which is enough for most situations.

Myth: Sunscreens protect against the sun’s two types of radiation: UVA and UVB.

Fact: Usually not. Manufacturers commonly make inaccurate claims about UVA protection, since the SPF rating only applies to UVB protection. Look for products that contain avobenzone, titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide for adequate UVA protection.

Myth: I need Vitamin D that only the sun can provide.

Fact: One reason many people say they don’t use sunscreen is the fear of blocking vitamin D in the body. However, concerned individuals can boost their vitamin D production by eating a diet rich in fish, fortified milk, and eggs. If vitamin D is a concern for you taking daily supplements is much healthier than getting it from the sun.

Need to learn more? Here is a great video by ByteSize Science on the “Chemistry of Sunscreen’ 



  • There is no such thing as a safe tan.
  • A tan is your body’s response to being injured by UV exposure. 
  • Sun is the greatest threat to your skin’s health and youth.


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Skin Inc – 12 Silicone Myths Exploded


Whether not you agree with using silicone in products, this is an interesting article by Rebecca Gadberry from Skin Inc. that separates fact from fiction.

“Silicones are among the latest ingredients clients love to hate. Discover some facts and basic chemistry to clear up the mythology now being spun about this ingredient.”



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Attention! Necklines are plunging… Are you ready to take ‘The Plunge’?


Since CoValence has introduced The Plungenecklines are plunging to new depths because thankfully the elusive turkey ‘waddle’ neck has finally flown the coop!

Ageing is a fact of life; it can be daunting and at the same time beautiful. Yet, we tend to forget, as we are driving from one soccer game to the next, that ageing can be managed. One easy step is to apply The Plunge once or twice daily. After continued use of The Plunge our product testers quickly (some testimonies were as fast as after the first application) noticed a new, revitalized neck and décolletage – one worth showing off!

We’ve also added in Adifyline™ into the formula due to the dramatic improvement which was shown with breast volume, compared to a placebo, in a cream containing 2% Adifyline ™ . In other words, don’t just stop applying The Plunge at the neck… use it where ever extra skin volume is desired. Formulated with three wonderful ingredients like Dynalift™ which form a network with skin proteins creating a tightening, smoothing and freshness effect and Volufiline ™  whichpromotes body volume by a cosmetic lipo-filling-type effect. Renovage™  fights skin ageing by inhibiting dehydration and providing moisturization, reducing signs of age spots, improving skin barrier function, reducing appearance of fine lines.

The Plunge is not a simple, humdrum cream (albeit, at CoValence, we are not sure how to make anything ‘humdrum’) it was specifically developed with a number of incredible, future forward actives that help diminish the lines and folds that are found in the neck and chest areas, while also plumping areas that you may want to have plumped. So, whether you are part of the “Fabulous after 50”, the “I wish I would have worn sunscreen when I was younger” or the “I better get a jump start at taking care of my skin” crowd, this product is perfect for you!


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