Three new great products for ‘After Hours’

7.25.11 | 3:52 pm

We have three new wonderful products we would like to introduce as part of our ‘After Hours’ campaign. If you have any questions or would like samples, please contact an Account or Sales Executive at 480.897.0551.

‘The All Nighter’ (VLT0.3009) Skin cells rejuvenate the fastest during nighttime sleep. So, it makes sense to create an active rich anti-aging night treatment that helps to increase skin cell turnover as well as feed the skin with beneficial nutrients. The All Nighter actives work synergistically to optimize cellular respiration, improve epidermal barrier function, produce energy in Mitochondria and help to restore UV damage. We could have stopped right there, but we continued by adding encapsulated Retinol that increases elasticity of the skin by 20% and decreases wrinkles up to 17% after a short 12 weeks.

‘Night Cap’ (VLT0.5019) In case you were wondering… CoValence’s Night Cap is not a hat you wear to bed as the father wore in The Night Before Christmas, nor does it mean an alcoholic drink taken just before bedtime. Staying true to our Hedgehog Principle, CoValence’s Night Cap is a spectacular, pearly pink anti-age skincare serum-gel. Night Cap’s sole purpose is to revitalize skin that is fatigued from not getting enough sleep. So, in reality, Night Cap is for everyone… whether you paint the town red or you are up late to watch Conan. Night Cap’s cooling sensation invigorates and nourishes the skin, while the bright, energizing scent wakes up the senses. Wait… that’s not all… Ceramide-3 protects skin from external influences and iridescence gives skin an extra glow by reflecting light.

‘Synful Serum’ (VLT0.4029) Whoever said to “sin” was a bad thing clearly hasn’t had the experience of using CoValence’s Synful Serum. That, we can assure you, is all good! Synful’s sinister concoction will have anyone who tries it begging, stealing and borrowing to get more. The silky smooth consistency will gently embrace your face, while luxuriously adding firming and anti-aging benefits to skin. One of the ‘synful’ ingredients that shares center stage with the other ‘synfully’ spectacular ingredients is, Syn®-Ake. As its name suggests, Syn®-Ake mimics the firming effects of a snake’s venomous bite and it proved to reduce wrinkle size by 52% in 28 days! Syn®-Ake shares center stage with other ‘synfully’ delightful actives, including Syn®-Coll, Syn®-Tacks and Syn®-Hycan. You will get the power of four (4) extremely potent peptides complexes that not only will reduce the wrinkles you currently have on your skin, but will help you stay away from the doctor’s needle.

If you have any  questions, please contact an Account or Sales Executive at 480.897.0551 or

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