INDUSTRY NEWS: Prejuvenation: How Millennials Can Maintain Youth

Millennials are stressed, and they don’t want to look it. Here's a list of six things millennials can do to maintain their youth.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: GEN X - The generation of VHS, the Rubik’s Cube and MTV deserve the industry’s attention.

Millennials have become one of the most talked about and well-served demographics in the beauty industry. But no longer are beauty brands keeping their eyes solely on youngsters. There’s another beauty consumer pining for attention: Generation X.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Silicones: Rethinking Clean & Safe Beauty

It might seem like a simple question: Why do people buy natural products? According to a report from Denise Herich of The Benchmarking Company, 68% of consumers buy natural and organic products.
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IconicA® was created as the first stable Retinaldehyde in the industry.

IconicA® Cream was created with the first stable, novel and patent protected Retinal (Retinaldehyde) in the industry, founded exclusively by CoValence. IconicA® Cream offers the highest, most effective Retinoid bio-activity value to skin without a prescription, irritation and down-time.
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Say Hello to Fillmore!

Our overarching goal is to improve efficiency in the Filling Department, while simultaneously reducing repetitive use injuries among our staff and free them up to work on what humans do best compared to robots – which is creative tasks i.e., problem solving or process improvements.
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